Hello 4th grade! Today you will be working on a graded project for Mrs. T. In Science class you have been learning about the parts of a plant. Now, you will begin making a computer project about that topic.

You have 3 class periods to finish this project. Whatever you have at the end of the 3rd class is what you must print. That is what you will be graded on.

In your project, worth 25 points in Science class, you will use Google Slides and the Internet to make a picture showing the parts of a plant, naming each part, and telling the job of each part. See the table below.

Neatness and spelling do count. Be sure to triple check the list below before printing. You may only print one copy to turn in!
a. Name each part, and use an arrow or line to show where the part is on the flower: Roots, Stem, Sepal, Petals, Pistil, Stamen, Leaves.
b. Tell the job of each part.
c. Choose a nice picture of your plant, not one that has a Watermark on it, or one that looks blurry. You can use the one I have below.
d. Your first and last name and a good title. Remember, names and titles are always capitalized.

Everything above is worth 1 point each. The name and jobs of each part total 19 points. Your title and name are 1 point each. A good picture is worth 2 points. You can lose up to 2 points for spelling.