Hello 2nd Grade. Today we are looking at units of measure, like you learned (or will learn) with your teachers.

Boil (212°F or 100°C)
Freeze (32/ 0), coldest place on Earth




redwoods-wineries1.jpg fotolia_5766753_XS.jpg redwood_trees_redwood_national_park_california_usa_20120427.jpg

The tallest tree in the world is named Hyperion. Thats not a type of tree- that is the name that people gave to the actual tallest tree on Earth. It is a coast redwood tree that is 379 feet tall. It is in Northern California in Redwood National and State Park, but very few people know the exact location of the tree. The reason for that: they dont want tourists coming and disturbing the natural habitat. The tree is about 800 years old.
The pictures here are not of the tallest tree- I couldnt find a picture that I knew for sure was of Hyperion so we will use these just to see how huge redwoods can become.


At over 29,000 feet, Mt. Everest is the highest mountain on Earth. Can you believe people actually climbed to the top of it? Imagine how COLD and WINDY it must be!!!


Blue Whales can live 90 years, eat 8,000 pounds of krill a day, grow to over 100 feel long, and weigh 200 tons! Thats all kinds of amazing measurements!!


The hottest place on Earth? That would be Death Valley, California. Temps once reached 134 degrees F there! When it reaches 90 degrees F here in Weatherly its uncomfortable going outside for very long. Imagine adding 44 degrees on top of that!!!


Now that you know the hottest place, you must be wondering where on Earth is the coldest place? Well, here is the answer: East Antarctica. How cold you ask? NEGATIVE 136 degrees F. That 136 degrees below 0! Or -136!!!!! When its 20 degrees around here, people say its "really cold". When its 0 degrees, they say its "bitter cold". If it was -136, people couldnt even talk!!! Its never been anywhere near that temp here in Weatherly though!


The sun!! It is 4.5 BILLION years old!! The distance from Earth? Almost 93 MILLION miles!! The temp on the sun can reach 27 MILLION degrees!! 1.3 MILLION Earths could fit inside the sun!!